CHAINXCHANGE A.I., & Innovation Experience – Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas August 13-15, 2018!



A global economic shift is upon us and we are all trying to keep up. Whether you’re a C Level at a Fortune 100 or an industry newcomer, Blockchain & AI fundamentals, development process, cost, value and future applications is the vital need for all global Industries. The applications and growth possibilities are truly limitless and everyone is racing to be the new Global leaders in their Industry. CXC is a Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference designed to help “Everyone On the Block.” An event for startups, large corporations and everyone in between. Connecting you or your company to qualified BC & AI developers, educators, industry experts & like-minded companies is the key goal of our event as it is the industry’s largest restraint on our progressive scalability.


Universal education is the key to unlocking the true power of blockchain technology. The more we understand as an individual will ultimately lead to a better understanding of each other, our world economy and society at large. With 100+ breakout rooms and 10+ keynote presentations on the main stage, CXC will appeal to Executives and entertainers, influencers and developers, newcomers and experts, the critics and the curious — all will find something to expand their understanding of Blockchain and its day-to-day applications while enjoying world-class entertainment exclusively at CXC!

  • 3 Days of Education, Empowerment, & Entertainment
  • 10+ Diverse Keynote Speakers, Including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Social Media’s Gary Vaynerchuk, 3X Grammy Winner and Microsoft AI Spokesperson, Common, and Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman, to name a few
  • 100+ Breakout Rooms teaching everything from how to set up a digital wallet, and engaging your business in blockchain, to the latest AI tools that will shape the future of your business, and more
  • 3 Nights of Musical Performances from Salt-N-Pepa, Kid N play, Common, PLUS more surprise artist performances
  • VIP Experience packages available
  • Crypto investment & use training
  • BC, AI & IOT Developer Q&A Presentations
  • Live BC, AI & IOT Product Demonstrations
  • 350,000 Square Feet of Mandalay Bay Event Space



To progress this new era of Industry forward, we all need to be educated and understand the basic fundamentals. Connect with new industry clients, developers, educators & the early adaptor consumer base.

  • What is blockchain & al technology?
  • How does blockchain & al technology effect my industry now & in the future?
  • What real blockchain & al products are available now to help my company & life?
  • What are the costs associated with al & blockchain business integration?
  • How do i use crypto currency in my business & personal life, safely & legally?
  • Where can my company find qualified and expert blockchain & al development?
  • Where can i learn about blockchain & al job opportunities & certificate training?
  • How Can Blockchain & Al technology effect me & my family? Now & in the future.